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 "Movemenr Re-Patterning for Rehabilitation" :Seminar in Munich
 KMTec  2015-05-19  19478

Dear customers,


Trainers and therapists, as well as recreational and professional athletes are often in the situation to handle with injuries. With this the need and chances arise for a quick and entire rehabilitation. You can learn from the injury and its cause and you can develop strategies to prevent injury in the future.


Mike Antoniades has more than 26 years of experience in the work with children and recreational athletes as well as professional athletes from different sports like rugby, football and track and field. He is one of the leading Rehab specialists in Great Britain and he fires the audience of his seminars with enthusiasm with his vibrant performance.


On 12th & 13th of June you have the opportunity to see Mike Antoniades live in Munich at the seminar: "Movement Re-Patterning for Rehabilitation"


In this practical workshop Mike Antoniades provides his new therapy methods with the elements:

·    Dynamic Movement Skills - Rehabilitation

·    Functional Movement analysis


The main goal of Mike `s therapy method is the optimisation and re-patterning of motion sequences by the improvement of the neural muscle control: reality-tested, space-saving, easy implementable - for quick, visible therapy success.


… and everything for a very reasonable investment for seminar, DMS  mats and video-training instructions.


Register today … the number of participants is limited!

Registration form: Movement Re-Patterning for Rehabilitation


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Franz Harrer

(President & CEO)